blast resistant doors

Fireblock Safety Sheild.


An anti-shatter window film, which can prevent glass from shattering in the event of a process explosion, riot or burglary.


Fireblock Contego.


A range of door furniture manufactured from Antimicrobial Copper, that provides the properties of copper with the aesthetic of Stainless Steel.

C50 Door Range.


Provide access control, and environmental containment to a wide range of controlled and uncontrolled spaces.

Product range updated


Fireblock added a complete range of industrial doors, loading docks, roller shutter doors, rapid roll doors, and docking stations to the product range.

Fire Integrity Fireblock Presto


Added a range of fully glazed doors and screens, with Fire Integrity Fireblock Presto, and Insulation Fireblock Fuego, Security and ballistic resistance and also high Thermal insulation, Fireblock Unico.