placeholder SECURITY DOORS

Steel Security doors are the best option for keeping your premises safe from any unwanted attention this may seem obvious but many people may think that a standard locking door will be enough to keep their premises secured but what people don’t realise is how easy it is to break through a standard non-steel door with little effort and time needed. Security doors are designed specifically to prevent this from happening by using specific ironmongery to slow down attackers and prevent access into the building. Fireblock has created a steel Security door to meet these very important needs by creating a steel door with security enhancing features to provide you with the ultimate security and help protect you and your business.

Fireblock steel Security doors are built to the same level as ENV 1627 Class 4 door, the full range of performance doors can be provided with an integral range of aggressive security enhancements and protective features. Our doors are designed and developed in conjunction with the leading manufacturers of access control and security devices to strict specifications and proper compatibility so you know when you use one of Fireblock’s steel security door you can be safe in the knowledge that your premises is safe and secure. Not only do you get the added security from using steel as opposed to weaker materials such as wood or PVC but it is furthermore enhanced by high quality sturdy locking systems and ironmongery to keep you and your property safe.

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