You are Required to build a substation building if your connection Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) is of 150 kilovolt-amperes(kVA) or more. A medium voltage(MV) substation building contains the equipment that connects a site to the electricity network. As part of this building you are required to have an ESB specified substation door. There are only two manufacturers in Ireland who are approved by the ESB to manufacture these specific doors and Fireblock is one of those approved manufacturers.

Fireblocks ESB doors are designed to meet all E.S.B specifications, they are hot-dipped galvanized steel doors that have been designed to include vertical louvres for ventilation and ESB locking systems. Fireblock offers both the standard Substation door and the Wind farm substation door which has newly introduced ESB specification. These doors can be customized to suit your end specification for the surrounding area of the substation including switch rooms. When choosing your ESB door be sure to go for an approved manufacturer for high quality and peace of mind.

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